Aprende_TIC Programme


It is important for every single developed society to know how to improve and strengthen their Educational System, which implies its updating and tune-up. Considering the importance that Information and Communication Technology is gaining on an educational basis, we are witnessing one of the most memorable changes in our classroom. The digital world prevails as a means of education: digital classrooms, digital blackboards, digital notebooks. 

- Technology by itself does not improve learning. 

- Tools are not “neutral”: using technological resources with the same methodology that we use without taking care of them does not bring improvement. 

- “Innovation” is a “necessary step”. 

These principles lead us to propose positive models for introducing ICTs in schools, in order to understand the pedagogic change together with a technology which can provide as new performance classroom possibilities. 

Against all those fears of work overload and an unnecessary complication, we suggest a system that easies learning, and that is both efficient for teachers and useful for families, and which promotes collaboration among students.

To sum up, we seek out that technology in the classroom does not generate more problems than it actually solves. We want to make it easy, portable, and discrete from the point of view of the student-user, parent or teacher.  


Aprende_TIC © Programme rises from the need to bring the existing interest for the educational improvement together with the technological inclusion from different ambits. Our objectives are specifically:

Promote ICTs

To promote the use of ICTs in the work environment of teachers through information to the teaching staff.

Provide tools

To easy the provision of ICT tools applied to teaching.  

Training schedule

To develop a training schedule suitable for the learning of the use of ICTs applied to teaching.


We will search for an integrated methodological approach which encourages the using of different traditional methodological resources. We will also include new methods for the integration of ICTs in the classroom depending on the necessities, the different tasks, the training diversity, and the teachers’ experience.

Constructive Methodology thought to make work essentially practical, useful, and enriching for each participant. All this, according to their necessities and their expectations, altogether with the compromise to meet the objectives proposed on every single project that belongs to  APRENDE_TIC© Programme. 

Participative methodology. We expect to collaborate, discuss, and put in common all type of experiences, suggestions and ideas that help every participant to develop the proposed objectives. We will provide an exchange of knowledge related to computering, software, and new technologies in general.  

On the other hand, either the manipulation, the experimentation or the investigation with new technologies will be a constant throughout the programme. Not only are the materials and the resources in our project just a principle, but their use and functioning are part of the contents of the programme, and the base on which work in group from students and teachers will state.

The modalities of training that will be carried out through APRENDE_TIC© Programme are:

Classroom training

In classroom training there is a narrow relation between the student and the teacher. Thanks to this, the student acquires knowledge, skills, and attitudes directly. 

Online training

Training Virtual Campus from Fundación.
This modality of training is the most common one nowadays as the timetable is flexible, it is personal, and it is adapted to the necessities of each student considering their personal progress.